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Adhesives and Sealants

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  • Loctite® Products

    Since its invention more than 50 years ago, the Loctite® brand has been the leader in sealing and locking threaded components. All Loctite products offered at KC Jones are water-based and prove to be the best choice if you are looking to use green technology and environmentally-friendly products. Our division offers the following Loctite® products:

  • ND Industries® Products

    Since 1955, ND Industries® has been developing and supplying high quality fastener coating products for a variety of industries. Our division offers the following ND Industries® products:

  • The Magni Group, Inc.® Products

    The Magni Group, Inc. Dorrl-Seal B50 product, formerly known as Dorrlseal 400, is specifically engineered to extend the life of metal products by preventing corrosion. It forms a non-mobile, no drip film when applied over painted or phosphate surfaces.

  • Hylomar Limited® Products

    Hylomar Limited® manufactures a wide range of high performance sealants and adhesives for a variety of industries. Our division offers the following Hylomar Limited® products:

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