Copper brazing is a highly effective joining method that is ideal for large and small parts. Copper brazing produces permanent joints that are robust, leakproof and that withstand extreme temperatures.

Refrigeration systems, aerospace components, jet engines and automotive components are common examples of objects that require temperature resistant joints, capable of withstanding extreme cold and/or heat.

Copper brazing produces permanent joints that are robust, leakproof and that withstand extreme temperatures. Copper brazing is a highly effective joining method that works equally well on large and small parts. It is an extremely versatile process that joins both small parts and very large components. Copper brazing also produces joints that withstand extreme pressure. It has a variety of applications and is especially popular for joining traditional and non-traditional materials. It is also popular in fluid transfer applications.

Copper Brazing is a Well Established Joining Method

  • Cost effective ( for mass produced assemblies)
  • Clean and bright (compared to welding and soldering)
  • Ideal for large and small parts
  • Strong (high joint strength)
  • Leakproof

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KC Jones Copper Brazing

KC Jones brazes copper and copper alloys in two protective environments:

  • Hydrogen atmosphere
  • Exothermic atmosphere

Continuous belt furnace brazing is cost effective, highly efficient and ideal for mass production.



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Steel and stainless steel tubes are most commonly joined in the brazing process. Brazing involves the application of heat above 1,000 degrees Celcius. It produces excellent joints, however only with correct preparation. Copper brazing requires highly skilled craftsmen who understand which materials to use and the correct measures, as far as heat, time and filler material.


When metals have surface stress, they can be difficult to work with. Stress can have a range of causes: drawing during stamping, cold working, bending, hydroforming, or other stress-inducing processes.

Annealing removes stresses from materials and results in surfaces that are much more ductile. When residual stress in the base material is reduced through annealing, it makes the material a lot easier to work with.

Pre and Post-Braze Services

KC Jones has various divisions that assist with a wide range of pre and post-braze services. Any of the services listed below can be bundled with copper brazing for added quality and convenience.



  • Press-fitting
  • Resistance welding
  • Projection welding
  • Hand slip-fitting
  • Pre-cleaning (parts)
  • Micro Finishing


Leak testing;

  • Pressure decay
  • Underwater bubble
  • Helium Mass Spec. (HMS)
  • Plating services (performed by other KC Jones divisions)
  • Customer-specific packaging
  • Application of rust preventative
  • Heat Treatment

Quality Certifications Held by KC Jones

KC Jones Brazing Division:

  • ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification

Copper Brazing Properties

  • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Rapid cycle time
  • Leak-tight
  • Advanced quality
  • Clean and free of oxides & discoloration
  • Repeatability
  • Cost effective (over welding)
  • Strong and durable
  • Requires precise control ( time/soak, temperature and atmosphere )

Copper Brazing Applications

  • Small parts
  • Parts that require high joint strength
  • Carbon steel
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel alloys
  • Titanium alloys


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