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KC Jones Adhesive & Sealant Division

2845 East Ten Mile
Road Warren, MI 48091
Telephone: 586.755.4900
Facsimile: 586.755.4906

KC Jones Adhesive & Sealant Division applies the world’s most advanced specialty coatings to chemically lock and seal threaded parts while enhancing their performance and durability.


Formerly known as Arrow Profile, KC Jones Adhesive and Sealant Division was purchased from the Loctite Corporation in 1975 and became one of the first Loctite authorized Application Process Centers (APC) in the United States. With the ability to work closely with Loctite, now known as Henkel-Technologies, many processing and quality improvements were made over the years.

The Adhesive and Sealant Division houses the corporate offices for KC Jones Plating Company.


Today, KC Jones remains committed to providing top quality, environmentally friendly, dry-to-touch threadlocking, threadsealing and lubricant coatings for fasteners, fittings and other components for the automotive, marine, military and electronic industries.

To meet customer requirements for short lead times, KC Jones custom designs and builds its own process equipment. All lines are adaptable to different part configurations, varying levels of coating viscosity and apply both threadlockers and threadsealants. We also have expertise in complex fittings that high-volume applicators are not equipped to handle.


  • Loctite Authorized Process Center provides pre-applied threadlockers, thread sealants and coatings. Available products: Dri-Loc, Brass-Loc, Dri-Seal, Vibra-Seal and Anti-Seize.
  • Process center for Magni Dorrlseal B50 film corrosion resistant friction modifier
  • Application center for ND Industries pre-applied thread lockers, thread sealants, and coatings
  • Tumble spray coating
  • In-line furnace brazing and annealing
  • High speed optical sorting and packaging
  • Exclusive distributor for Flaretite sealing products for flare fittings


Ford Q1 was achieved in 1991, QS-9000 certification was achieved in 1998 and ISO 9001:2008 quality certification was achieved in 2010.

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