KC Jones Plating is a Michigan-based surface engineering firm with an outstanding reputation locally, nationally, and increasingly worldwide. To accomplish our goal of operating at the highest levels of excellence, KC Jones embraces positive affiliations. We especially enjoy interacting with organizations that offer mutual guidance, accountability and support.


Chemical Suppliers

To ensure highest quality standards, KC Jones partners only with the world’s most trusted chemical suppliers. We procure from reputable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and purposefully strive to remain ahead of groundbreaking innovation. This is especially true in the areas of technology and environmentally friendly processes. Close communication with our suppliers enables us to tweak and optimize our processes on a continual basis.

Shortlist of KC Jones Suppliers


Detroit Regional Chamber

Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce is an invaluable resource for businesses in the Detroit area. The Chamber provides targeted assistance to support local businesses and to encourage the adoption of best practices. This particular chamber is one of the oldest, largest and most respected in the country. It has served the Detroit business community for more than 100 years
and has positively impacted the Southeast Michigan economy.

Michigan Chapter – National Association of Surface Finishing (MI-NASF)

The Michigan Chapter of National Association of Surface Finishing (MI-NASF), previously known as the Michigan Association of Metal Finishers (MAMF), has operated as a trade association since 1947. Members include management executives in the surface-finishing field, and those in other related professions. MAMF members meet on a regular basis to discuss issues that affect metal finishing and to network with peers.

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC)

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center helps small to medium-sized Michigan businesses grow and compete. Their goal is to encourage effective business leadership, operational excellence, and creative, profitable strategies. MMTC achieves this through personalized services, aimed at directly meeting the needs of its clients.

National Association of Surface Finishing (NASF)

The National Association of Surface Finishing (NASF) represents members of the surface coating industry: businesses, technologists, professionals, etc. NASF has developed a network of surface finishers through events, organized programs and regular industry updates.

Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA)

The Precision Machined Products Association is an international trade association that represents the interests of the precision-machined products industry. The precision-machined products industry consists of a diversified manufacturing base that produces highly engineered components to meet exact specifications. A variety of materials are used, such as: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, plastics and various aerospace and medical grade metallic alloys.

KC Jones is affiliated with a varied, expansive range of organizations, yet each is well aligned with our forward-facing philosophy. These relationships help foster the healthy environment in which KC Jones thrives in as an organization.


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