The portfolio of finishes provided by KC Jones Plating Corporation, is one of the largest of any single source in the United States. Our widespread expertise delivers solutions to counter corrosion, adhesion and wear. Both existing and custom KC Jones coatings can provide protection against the wide range of surface challenges manufacturers commonly contend with.

Black Electroless Nickel (Black EN)

This unique, dark, rich coating provides all of the benefits of electroless nickel, including corrosion resistance, a high melting temperature and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Common applications include optics, solar panels, aerospace, and defense weapons systems.

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Bronze Plating

Attractive in appearance, bronze plating is a superior alternative to solid bronze. It is a robust, high wearing solution. Common applications for bronze plating include aircraft parts, transmission gears, engine components, and hoist hooks.

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Electroless Nickel (EN)

A uniform finish, excellent corrosion resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and high melting temperature make electroless nickel an ideal coating. Common applications include: automotive components, railroad diesel shafts, electrical motors, printing rolls, oil wells, mining, military equipment, textile, and electronics.

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Electroless Nickel – PTFE (EN-PTFE)

This self-lubricating coating involves a layer of electroless nickel, with evenly dispersed PTFE particles. Common applications include molds and dies; electronics; sensitive equipment; and matted surfaces.

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Electroless Nickel – Boron Nitride (EN-BN)

Electroless nickel – boron nitride significantly extends the life of parts. It has self-lubricating properties and withstands temperatures up to 3,000C, depending on the atmosphere. EN-BN has a lower coefficient of friction than composite EN-PTFE, under higher load conditions.

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Electroless Nickel – Composite Diamond Coatings™

Composite Diamond Coating is a unique, patented coating that has ultra-fine diamond particles co-deposited with electroless nickel. It provides exceptional hardness along with advanced corrosion and wear resistance. Composite Diamond Coatings are used in a variety of extreme wear applications: gears, molding, and tool and die parts. It also offers increased thermal transfer.

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Nickel Boron (NiB)

Nickel boron offers superior, wear and abrasion-resistance. It has an ultra low co-efficient of friction (rivaling Teflon™), which is important to high wearing and rolling applications. Nickel Boron also withstands extremely high temperatures.

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Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni)

This attractive, corrosion resistant coating is a proven cadmium replacement that is sacrificial and non-embrittling to steel. KC Jones offers a unique, high-nickel formulation of Zinc-Nickel that produces the highest quality finish. Common applications include fasteners, electrical connectors, and fluid transfer tubes.

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Zinc Plating (Zn)

Offering a bright, aesthetic, jewel-like finish, zinc plating is extremely durable. It protects metals from rust and corrosion. Common applications include springs, military hardware, brake systems, hydraulic fittings, lock washers, screws and bolts, and a host of other applications.

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Additional Finishes & Aqueous Processes…

Value-Added Services

KC Jones offers various value-added services for the convenience of plating customers. Each service plays a role in providing the highest levels of part protection.

Copper Brazing

This clean, bright finish is ideal for large and small parts. Copper brazing produces joints that are strong and leakproof. Common applications include ion and electron beam devices, x-ray tubes and parts that must endure extremely high temperatures.

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Pre-Applied Sealant

When adhesives and sealants are pre-applied, manufacturers save time and money. Adhesive and sealant techniques can be applied to a variety of components, such as fasteners, fittings, screws, bolts, rivets and many more.

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KC Jones has delivered plating expertise to manufacturers throughout North America since 1955. We have always had an unwavering commitment to excellence, to the environment and to use of up-to-the-minute technologies.


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