Adhesives and sealants hold threaded fasteners, nuts, bolts, rivets and screws in place, preventing them from coming loose in rugged environments or due to vibration. Explore new sealing and locking techniques that improve upon conventional methods.

Threaded fasteners often shake loose during application. This happens for a variety of reasons. Vibrations and rugged environments can at times be the reason. Whatever the cause, when fasteners fail during use, it erodes trust in your brand.

Pre-applied adhesives and sealants are the best solution for securing fasteners and ensuring they stay in place for the life of manufactured products. Without them, nuts, bolts, rivets and screws can shake loose at any time.

Improve the Reliability of Your Parts with Pre-Applied Sealant

  • Increase performance (prevent fasteners from failing)
  • Engineer resistance against harsh fluids (prevent leakage)
  • Reinforce parts (withstand pressure)
  • Shorten manufacturing and assembly time

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Pre-applied adhesives and sealants are popular in aerospace, automotive, agricultural and heavy truck applications.

KC Jones Loctite Pre-Applied Application Center

KC Jones Plating has the distinction of being the very first Henkel Loctite Pre-Applied Application Center in the United States. Since 1975, it has offered a unique line of water-based adhesives and sealants that are gentle on the environment.

KC Jones Pre-Applies Adhesives and Sealants to Fasteners of Every Kind

Designed to secure parts in place

Pre-Applied Sealants and Adhesives:

  • Fasteners
  • Fittings
  • Nuts, bolts, screws and rivets

Plating / Sealant Combo

  • Combine plating and sealant/adhesive services
  • A convenient single work order


Increase the value of any fastener by offering a self-locking (and self-sealing), pre-applied, dry-to-the-touch coating

Seal and Secure all of Your Parts

Value-Added Options

Increase the value of any fastener by pre-applying a dry-to-the-touch coating that is self-locking and self-sealing.

  • Multiple pre-applied compounds
  • Functional coatings
  • Tumble-spray coatings
  • High-speed, optical sorting and packaging

KC Jones pre-applies adhesives and sealants to fasteners so they are ready to be installed upon receipt. This speeds manufacturing, offers convenience and reduces the costs of assembly.

Increase the longevity and the value of your products with secure, reliable fasteners.


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