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Nickel Boron

Lowest Coefficient of Friction in the Industry



Lowest Coefficent of Friction in the Industry

The KC Jones Miccrolloy™ Nickel Boron system is the only one of its type in the world. Our proprietary process delivers one of the highest hardness rating in the nickel boron plating industry, exceeding Rockwell 70 C with post-treatment heating and giving our customers unsurpassed wear protection.


  • Ductile plating with columnar structure
  • Coating uniformity eliminate post-plate grinding or burnishing
  • Overall wear properties are superior to hard chromium
  • Hardness (68-72 Rc); low coefficient of friction (.04)
  • Can be applied to steel, aluminum and stainless steel substrates with uniform coating thickness substrates with uniform thickness up to .004”
  • Accepts dry film lubricants

Custom Formulations

Versatility is key to our nickel boron plating processes, and we are able to meet a variety of performance needs. Deposits can include combinations of hardness, wear, abrasion and corrosion resistance, lubricity, solderability, high-temperature performance and protection from various chemicals. We create and deliver the finished product with rigorous precision, on time and at a great value.

Total Coating Uniformity

Since the process requires no electrical current, controllable coating deposition rates produce consistent tolerances within +/- .0001" to .0002". The result is the same amount of plate on sharp corners, edges and flat surfaces--including blind holes, threads, channels, recesses and internal areas--of parts of all sizes and shapes. Coatings mirror the surface profile of the substrate, so little or no post-plate grinding or burnishing is required.



WMD Guns

WMD Guns & KC Jones
Company Overview

KC Jones Plating Company and a cadre of firearms performance experts have joined together to form WMD Guns, LLC, a premier firearms performance company. WMD will bring to bear the best surface treatment solutions for its firearms customers, featuring:

  • NiB-X: an extreme Nickel Boron Coating
  • Nitromet: a high performance Salt Bath Nitrocarburizing surface

WMD will provide upgrade services for consumers, premium coated products available through distribution chain partners and custom coating services to OEMs who want to differentiate their products and take advantage of emerging technologies to offer their customers a performance edge. WMD offers Full Spectrum Firearms Performance Solutions.

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