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Specialty Processes

KC Jones offers a broad range of specialty processes and methods to ensure customers have unique options to choose from such as:

Iriditing of Aluminum
This is used to protect Aluminum from corrosion and is an excellent primer for painting.
Color Identification Dye
All colors available for identification purposes or specific color matching requirements.
Bright Dipping
Removes oxidation from Copper and Copper alloys to produce a bright finish.
High Speed tumbling is used to smooth rough surfaces and to rid products of sharp edges.
Vibratory tumbling achieves product smoothness and works well for parts that need special handling and care.
Physical processes such as hand polishing, buffing, and grinding are used to achieve a smooth finish for parts
Grit and Bead Blasting
Grit blasting is a method used for smoothing rough surfaces or roughing up smooth surfaces. It uses high pressure and abrasive material to clean and treat products without damaging them.
Surface conditions of stainless steel can be drastically improved with passivation. This process also removes metal contaminants and improves corrosion resistance.
Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Heat Treating
This treatment rids plating products of hydrogen through a baking process that usually heats products to 190 – 220 degrees C.
This process uses an acid solution to clean products and is effective at removing rust.
Atomic Absorption Testing
AA testing helps determine an element’s concentration by measuring the quantity of light remaining after a specific amount of energy is passed through an atomized sample of the element.
Metallurgical Analysis
Metallurgical analysis services can help determine the cause of material failures, as well as detect product defects internally and on the surface.
Sorting and Packaging
KC Jones provides customized packaging and sorting solutions to meet customers’ needs.
Aqueous Chemical Processing
Electropolishing uses electrical current in solution to remove metal from a part so as to leave a smooth, reflective surface, which is the reverse process of electroplating.
Masking or Plugging
In many electroplating applications only a portion of a part may need to be plated, therefore, masking and plugging prevents metals from being deposited onto the unwanted areas of the part.
Hardness and Adhesion Heat Treating
Heat Treating increases the strength of materials and can be used to improve the hardness and adhesion of plating. KC Jones offers hardness capabilities including Rockwell C, 30N, Knoop and various files. Plating Adhesion is checked by Chisel, Scribe, Quench, Grind and Tape tests.
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