Furnace brazing produces strong, leak proof and corrosion resistant joints. In fact, brazing solutions offer many benefits over mechanical joining, in addition to being cost-efficient.

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Furnace Brazing - Parts being Brazed in KC Jones Brazing Company Furnace

Complex assemblies and intricate geometries can be a challenge to join. Furnace brazing however presents an impressive solution that delivers attractive, sealed joints with minimal part distortion.

Furnace Brazing for Better Joints


Furnace brazing is a joining method that uses a molten alloy to join parts.  Brazing solutions are leak proof and ideal in applications that involve fluid transfer and temperature extremes. The brazing process is highly replicable and can be mass produced with consistent results.

Fast Turnaround on High-Volume Orders

Automotive, appliance and heavy truck industries turn to KC Jones Brazing Company for high-volume furnace brazing solutions. Located in Warren, Michigan, KC Jones Brazing has been in operation since 1971. It is a division of KC Jones Plating Company, which operates many plating lines and has the capacity for high-volume, fast-turnaround orders.


Molten filler applied to parts for brazing at KC Jones Brazing Company
Molten filler applied to parts for brazing

Furnace Brazing
The Ideal Joining Method ​

Explore the advantages of furnace brazing:

  • Durable leak-proof joints
  • High and mass production capabilities
  • Joining of complex geometries
  • Suitable for multi-joint and multi-step joining
  • Minimal part distortion


Brazed joints are near invisible, and therefore attractive and more preferable than other joining methods. Brazing solutions can also be configured for high volume orders and mass production.

High-Performance Metal Joining


Furnace brazing is attractive, efficient and inexpensive. It produces joints that are strong, reliable and high in quality.

KC Jones offers the following value-added services along with furnace brazing:

      • Light Fabrication & Welding
      • Annealing
      • Tube Bending
      • Tube End-Formin
      • Plating
      • E-Coat
      • Leak Testing
      • Final Vision Inspection
      • Assembly
      • Packaging

Join Metals With No Limitations

Quality Certifications Held by KC Jones

KC Jones Brazing Division:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certification
Brazed automotive parts by KC Jones Brazing Company
Brazed Automotive Parts
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