KC Jones Indiana Division Expands Zinc & Zinc Nickel Capacity

KC Jones Plating – Indiana Division in Columbia City, Indiana has completed a $3.0 million renovation and expansion project that included a 15,000 square foot addition and a new 8-station Rack Zinc and Zinc Nickel Plating line.

The State Of The Art, Highly- Automated Plating line features computer-controlled software and hoists doubling KC Jones Zinc & Zinc Nickel Plating capacity. KC Jones Plating Company, Indiana Division, now has a total 45,000 square feet of space.

KC Jones Plating specializes in Zinc, Zinc Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Copper, and Tin Plating. KC Jones provides solutions to customers to improve corrosion, appearance, and wear characteristics of metal parts. KC Jones has clients in the agriculture, commercial, automotive, defense and electronics industries.

For more information visit our web site http://www.kcjplating.com/

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