Bronze plating is spark and wear resistant. It is a proven alternative to solid bronze. Bronze plating is a complex finish that few plating companies have the expertise or facilities to produce.

High friction environments require parts and components to be robust and extremely wear resistant. These environments can be hazardous and can form sparks easily. Combustible environments have zero tolerance for sparks and therefore require parts and coatings to have advanced
spark-resistant properties.

Marine, aerospace, and oil & gas applications often specify bronze plated parts, for use in high-wearing applications. Bronze plating is durable, it is extremely wear resistant and it is ideal for high friction environments.

Many Industries Rely on Miccrolloy Bronze

  • Miccrolloy® meets various aerospace, military, automotive and industrial specifications
  • Serves as an excellent bearing replacement
  • Deposits on steel and cast iron, ranging from 0.0001 to 0.1 inches
  • Withstands severe grind and shear adhesion testing
  • Has properties proven many times to be superior to solid bronze
  • Is economic (considerable cost savings)
  • Can be selectively plated on machined components

Bronze is a complex finish that few plating companies have the expertise to provide. Some even offer copper and brass plating as an alternative to bronze plating however these finishes cannot achieve the same level of wear resistance.

Miccrolloy bronze is a proprietary plating process developed by KC Jones Plating Corporation. It is a unique, homogeneous plating that combines a host of rigorous features that enable it to exceed the most demanding wear applications.

Miccrolloy bronze often serves as an alternative to solid bronze. It is popularly used in the aerospace, marine, and oil & gas industries because its strength and wear characteristics withstand severe grind and shear adhesion testing. Miccrolloy bronze is also less expensive than solid bronze and many other metal substrates.

While not every plating company can offer bronze, KC Jones Plating aims to it ensure customers are never restricted to sub-optimal solutions for their applications.

Miccrolloy Bronze

Available exclusively from KC Jones

Miccrolloy bronze is specifically engineered for superior performance

  • Miccrolloy® meets various aerospace, military, automotive and industrial specifications
  • Deposits on steel and cast iron, range from 0.0001 to 0.1 inches
  • Meets many Aerospace, Military, Automotive and Industrial specifications
  • Conforms to materials standard AMS 2429
  • Rack or barrel plating options

KC Jones plates bronze coatings on extremely large industrial hooks. These hooks are plated for use in the most critical environments: shipyards, hoists, and other similar applications. In most cases, it is critical that hooks do not spark or create an explosion. This is especially important in oil & gas-industry applications.

Bronze-plated hooks are extremely popular within the aerospace industry. Primarily, because they do not create sparks and therefore eliminate the risk of explosion or fire. The marine industry puts KC Jones hooks to the test for the extreme wear resistance they need. Oil & Gas also utilize bronze-plated parts in critical environments that have an absolute zero tolerance for sparks.

KC Jones Plates Hoist Hooks – Detroit Hoist

Detroit Hoist is known nationwide for producing top-quality, state-of-the-art hoists and crane components. They have designed wire rope hoists since 1905.

When KC Jones Plating provided bronze-plated hooks for Detroit Hoist, they were required to withstand wear and friction in the most hazardous environments. They also had to be completely spark resistant, while providing maximum wear resistance.

Miccrolloy Bronze-Plated Hooks Produced for Detroit Hoist

An example of bronze plating providing an ideal solution

Bronze finishes are extremely durable, especially when plated over a steel or cast iron base metal. Bronze is broad in application and it can be applied to any substrate metal that withstands electroplating.

Make Your Parts Out of Bronze

For your convenience, KC Jones will design your parts with bronze plating. This is much more beneficial than adding it after the fact. It also provides full wear resistance benefits at a much lower cost.

Properties of Miccrolloy Bronze

  • Conforms to SAE AMS 2429
  • 90% copper / 10% tin approx.
  • Deposit Thickness .0001 – inches
  • Hardness (35 Rc)
  • Low Coefficient of Friction (~.06)
  • Excellent Machineability

KC Jones ensures every bronze coating is optimized to the specific application. Bronze is usually made up of 90% copper and 10% tin, however these percentages can be tweaked for application optimization.


  • Leading aircraft manufacturers request Microlloy Bronze to coat cylinder block face plates, pistons, rotors and landing gear systems
  • Millions of cars, on every continent, contain transmission gears, drive-trains and engine components plated with KC Jones Miccrolloy® Bronze
  • Hoist hooks for the Marine, and Oil & Gas industries are plated in Miccrolloy Bronze because of its spark resistance
  • KC Jones Plating is often asked to bronze-plate parts for use with bearing surfaces
  • KC Jones often receives requests to produce bronze-plated bushing as an alternative to other failing finishes (or materials)

KC Jones ensures finishes are superior to any other coating by optimizing every finish to the intended application. It operates a NADCAP-accredited facility for electroplated bronze chemical processing and is one of the few facilities capable of bronze plating.

For Parts that Withstand High Friction and Combustible Environments

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