In 1955, KC Jones Plating founders began one of the most forward-thinking finishing companies in the United States. A unique heritage of excellence and innovation has Now passed through three family generations and counting. Every KC Jones team exhibits a love for technology and pride in their workmanship.

KC Jones Plating Corporation has one of the most extensive finishing portfolios of any single source in the United States. Spread over three locations, it employs various teams of engineers, technicians and metallurgists to advance new, existing and custom coating technologies.

Plating & Surface Treatment

KC Jones Plating provides a broad portfolio of specialized coating and finishing technologies.

Engineer parts for longevity, corrosion and wear resistance, or for hardness and attractiveness.

KC Jones offers solutions for optimal performance regardless of the environments, conditions or specifications.

KC Jones provides advanced adhesive and sealant solutions, securing all types of fasteners and fittings.

Pre-applying adhesives and sealants ensure the reliability of your products by securing fasteners and fittings firmly in place. Seal nuts, bolts, rivets and screws for unfailing performance in rugged environments or when subject to vibration. Pre-applied adhesive and sealants are especially popular in aerospace, automotive, agricultural and heavy truck applications.

In 1975, KC Jones became the first Loctite Pre-Applied Application Center in the United States, setting standards other companies could only attempt to emulate.

KC Jones offers brazing, annealing and mass finishing services at its location in Warren, Michigan.

Brazing is a quick, inexpensive, permanent method of joining parts. It is a process that is ideal for parts of all sizes, whether large or small. Brazed joints are also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

Fluid transfer applications benefit greatly from watertight brazed joints. Brazing is also popularly used to join traditional and non-traditional materials.

With its annealing services, KC Jones removes unwanted stress from metal surfaces. Annealing takes place in a continuous brazing furnace.

If your goal is to produce highest-quality products, your parts should also match that standard. Push the envelope with all of your products through highly innovative finishing solutions.

KC Jones finishing solutions ensure that your parts perform as intended, reflecting the quality and commitment of your brand.

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