Black electroless nickel combines a rich black finish with the wear and corrosion resistance of electroless nickel. It is highly absorptive and meets a stream of coating requirements for military, defense, optics, and solar panel applications.

A rich, black coating is essential in certain applications; military, defense and stealth for example.

Deep black finishes with great functional attributes, like wear and corrosion resistance, have always been a challenge to produce. In the past, surface quality had to be compromised to produce dark, black finishes. This is no longer the case.

Black electroless nickel (Black-EN) is highly absorptive and has become the coating of choice for optical instruments, military connectors and solar panels. Black-EN is a decorative coating that is used in industries such as aerospace, firearms, military and defense, and it combines all of the wear and corrosion resistance of electroless nickel with a rich, black finish. Black electroless nickel is highly emissive, and like electroless nickel, it easily coats complex geometries.

  • Rich, black versatile coating
  • Excellent corrosion, wear and abrasion resistance
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion and conductivity
  • High melting temperature
  • Total coating uniformity (consistent tolerances within ± 1 to 2 microns.)
  • Applicable to complex geometries
  • Unique surface morphology
  • Black matte or black gloss finishes
  • High Absorption (stable against sun exposure)
  • Electrical conductivity
  • High Emissivity
  • ELV, WEE, and RoHS Compliant

The deep black color of black electroless nickel is the result of a chemical blackening process that is applied to the electroless nickel layer. This black layer is less than 1 micron thick. Next, an organic topcoat is added to maintain its deep black appearance. The addition of the black topcoat does not inhibit the wear or corrosion resistance of electroless nickel.

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