Composite Diamond Coating® is a complex, durable composite coating. Ultra fine diamond particles are co-deposited in an electroless nickel layer to produce a uniform coating that is hard, wear resistant and that coats complex geometries.

Hardest Possible Electroless Nickel Formulation

Composite Diamond Coating® is a patented plating technology developed by Surface Technology, Inc. It features ultra fine diamond particles that are co-deposited in the electroless nickel matrix. Composite Diamond Coating produces parts that are more durable and that fail less. It also reduces operational downtime.

Customizable Diamond-Infused Coating

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Higher thermal transfer
  • Adaptable to all common metals and alloys
  • Hard and wear resistant plating deposit
  • Typical thickness (10 to 25 microns – 0.0005″ to 0.001”)
  • Heavy build thickness (0.002″ – 0.006″)

KC Jones offers two Composite Diamond Coating formulations:

Manufacturing downtime is extremely costly for manufacturers, especially in oil and gas applications. Setbacks however can be avoided by investing in higher quality coatings that fail less. Premium coatings, such as Composite Diamond Coating, reduce manufacturing costs by extending the life of critical components. By adding diamond particles to the electroless nickel matrix, the hardest possible, commercially available electroless nickel formulation is created. This is available through KC Jones.

There are various formulations of Composite Diamond Coating, each with its own unique benefits. Applications include plating gears, paper molding, tool and die, plastics, packaging, petrochemical, automotive and and a countless stream of other components.


  • 2 micron-sized diamond particles
  • 35-40% high density diamond concentration
  • Ideal for abrasive, erosive, and sliding wear mechanisms
  • 150 nanometer (0.15 micron)- sized diamonds (increased lubrication and outstanding wear resistance)
  • 10-15% concentration
  • Compatible with a wide array of mating materials (including textiles, paper, plastics, seals, metals, and alloys)

Composite EN coatings can range from extremely smooth to very rough in texture, depending on diamond particle size and density. Composite Diamond Coating can be used to enhance any metal or alloy. It is most commonly used on carbon, tool steels and aluminum alloys, although copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and titanium can also be treated.

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